At Digital Impressions, we discovered a new niche for our machinery in recent years as the demand grew for self adhesive vinyl labels. In 2019 we invested in the latest “green” technology for our market, the HP 570 Latex large format printer, which prints with latex based inks. Latex inks are biodegradable and non-toxic. This works in tandem with our SUMMA D160 vinyl cut machine to kiss cut the labels into squares, shapes, circles or lettering and logo’s.

We can print on many types of adhesive vinyl which can be used a wide variety of applications.

Real Estate Vinyl – short term, up to 3 years outdoors, with a removable adhesive, meaning it can be removed after short periods without leaving adhesive residue.
Uses – temporary event signage, bumper stickers and promotional stickers, hoardings for pop-up shops or building sites and For Sale or Under Offer signs and stickers, indoor floor graphics when we apply a non-slip over-laminate.

Premium Vinyl – medium term, up to 5 years outdoors, with a permanent adhesive. This high quality vinyl will hold it’s shape and colour through temperature changes and full sun.
Uses – premium label sets, machine labels, packaging labels, permanent building signs, shop front window graphics. We also apply it to Auto magnet or steel sheets for the Metal Face A-frames found in our web shop.

High Tack Vinyl – medium term, up to 5 years outdoors but has a very strong adhesive. The extra adhesive allows it to stick to porous or teflon painted surfaces without losing adhesion over time.
Uses – application to MDF, wood or concrete, or for marine or harsh environments. A great application is machinery labels where they cop a hard knock on a daily basis. Long term hoarding or wallpaper graphics.

Cast Vinyl – long term, up to 7 years outdoors with permanent adhesive and conformable to shapes or curves. For vehicle decals, wraps and striping, or for long term outback signage.
One Way Vision – perforated film for car windows or building windows. From outside, only the graphic is visible but allows the driver to see through the print from the inside.
Street App – outdoor stable, non-slip floor graphics for sidewalks, pavement, or concrete floors.
Walltex – textured wall paper material for feature walls and interior design.
Laminates – we can laminate stickers with a Gloss or Matt finish, or a Gloss Anti-graffiti laminate allowing use of solvent based cleaners or Gloss Whiteboard laminate to be receptive to whiteboard pens.

Our large format and signage products include:


Window graphics

Billboards and buses


Hoarding graphics

Acoustic panels

Display stands and systems

Vehicle graphics

Customised jobs

Art and canvas

Flags and fabric

Wall graphics

Floor graphics